How would the session be structured?

The session starts with a 10 minutes mini sharing circle to get an overview of who is in the room: Name & Background. It will be followed by a 10 minutes presentation of the process and what happened so far. Depending on the interests and abilites of the attendants, small working groups are formed and 30 min World Café discussions around the themes are formed, i.e.:

<ul><li>map input session : how to enter data and link it to other resources.</li> <li>the challenges of interlinking data through maps : the semantic web as a world wide database.</li> <li>mapping taxonomy : where are we, what is to come?</li></ul>

In a wrap-up, the facilitators present their group's outcomes to the others, resulting in a quick and broad overview about "Mapping the Alternatives". Further discussion will be encouraged.